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  • Critical Areas Reconnaissance
  • Critical Areas Delineation
  • Wildlife Study
  • Site Planning
  • Mitigation Design
  • Critical Areas Interpretive Sign Design
  • Critical Areas Permitting
  • Mitigation Construction Review
  • Performance Monitoring


AOA assists property owners and their representatives (architects, engineers, realtors, etc.) with consulting services related to environmental planning and landscape architecture.


Environmental planning services include: site reconnaissance, delineation, site planning and construction permitting (in relation to critical areas).


First we identify any critical areas on the site including streams, wetlands, and threatened or endangered wildlife species. Upon identification, a delineation of the streams or wetlands is done that clearly marks the boundary of the critical area.


Following critical areas mapping, provide site planning services to assist with locating the development on the site to allow for permitting from the local, state or federal jurisdictions.


If any critical areas need to be impacted to allow for development of the site, we prepare the necessary mitigation plans as required by the jurisdictions.


Upon approval of the mitigation plans, we provide construction review to ensure that the mitigation work is implemented as designed. Upon construction approval by the jurisdiction, we will conduct regularly-scheduled performance monitoring to ensure that the mitigation work functions as designed.


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