AOA assists single family property owners with services related to landscape design services include initial consultation, site review, preparation of grading and/or planting plans, permitting (if necessary), and construction review. We will meet with you at your site to determine the assets and constraints of your property. This will supply us with information to prepare a conceptual plan. Upon review of the concept plan, we will work with you to prepare the final construction plans that may include grading and planting plans. We can assist with landscape contractor selection and review during implementation of the plan to ensure that your needs are being met at all times throughout the process.

AOA assists property owners and their representatives (architects, engineers, realtors, etc.) with consulting services related to Landscape Architecture.


Landscape architectural services include working with the design team to come up with a conceptual design for the project that meets with the needs of the development. Upon approval of the concept design, grading and plantings plans are prepared that detail the specifics of the final landscape design. We also provide landscape architectural services related to recreation and openspace design. We work with many local landscape contractors and can assist with bid preparation and contractor selection. Periodic reviews during construction are done to ensure that the plans are implemented properly. We work with the jurisdiction to receive approval when construction is complete.